A training experience like no other, try Rise Fitness Free!

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A training experience like no other, try Fortitude Fitness Free!


What do you struggle with?


Lack of support or motivation can impede you wanting to invest in your health and fitness. Having a great support system can give you the positive reinforcement you need to have the energy and motivation to accomplish your goals.

Weight Control

Have you ever felt trapped by weight control? When struggling with weight, losing weight and keeping it off can seem almost impossible.


Between kids, commuting work and any other responsibilities of life, it can often leave us feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit in a workout.


Have you struggled with sticking to a healthy nutrition plan? From being unsure what healthy eating is, all the fad diets out there, nutrition barren fast foods, knowing how to eat healthy can be tough.


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Gym

Amazing Trainers

“A positive place filled with positive, supportive people! Rise has become one of the favorite parts of my day. The workouts are challenging and fun and the trainers are super helpful in accommodating any physical limitations you may have. You are never pressured to buy ANYTHING. All shapes and sizes and abilities are made to feel welcome. The owner has done a phenomenal job in providing a clean and safe environment by strictly following all of the Covid guidelines.”

~ Angel

Give Them A Try

“I have been going to Rise for about 18 months and it’s helped me get in shape enabling me to have an active lifestyle. It’s also helped me keep the weight off and and generally feel good. The work outs are always different so you never get bored in a routine. Plus you are in and out in under an hour. What more can you ask for. I highly recommend Rise. On Covid. They ran live online workouts over Zoom when we were on complete lock down which I really appreciate. Then We did outdoor workouts as soon as it was allowed. We’re back in doors and I feel totally safe with good separation and the staff is conscientious about following good health practices. Give em a try.”

~ Mike R.

Something Else Entirely

“This gym is something else entirely in the best way! I am someone who does not love going to traditional gyms because I feel like I can never figure out what to do and I always feel super awkward. The group classes, super helpful instructors, and feeling of community at Rise have made all of that a non-issue. The workouts are always different and challenging, and I always leave knowing I got a great workout. The owner, staff, and members are very welcoming and supportive and really seem to care.”

~ Emily